Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disney Sea

I got to go to Disney Sea with Ayako and her friends, Shiho and Maki. They are so fun, I'm glad I got to go with them. Maki said she had been to Disney Sea 3 times! Disney Sea is basically Disneyland, its even right next to Disneyland, but it has different rides and I think it's a bit bigger. But It was tiny compared to The Disneyland I've been to in California, and it was insanely clean. haha. But it was still huge, Ayako was so intense planning out which rides we would go to. I didn't bring my camera because the forecast said it would rain, and I didn't want it to get damaged when we went on the crazy rides. There were some amazing beautiful moments I was kicking myself that I didn't bring it... haha. Luckily Aya gave me he photos.
So first we caught a night bus in the evening in downtown Gifu. It was funny to see all the people in the bus and how excited they were to go to DisneySea!

It was interesting trying to sleep on the nightbus.. haha. It stopped every couple hours at a truck stop.
The next morning we arrived in Tokyo! We took the Disney Train to DisneySea. It was awesome because we went over Disney Sea and got to see all the rides. I'm not really looking in this picture. haha. I was very tired.

So we got to the entrance, and people were already camped out there. We sat down on the ground and hung out for a couple hours, and then the people started to get the ticket machines ready, and everyone was getting excited. Then all the Disney Characters came and danced entertained us for a while. So many people had Mickey or Minnie Mouse hats on, and they were so excited to see them. Then they opened the gates, and everybody ran into the empty park, trying to get to the lines first. haha I was afraid we would get trampled! Maki and Shiho ran to go get fast passes, and Ayako and I ran for what seemed like a mile to the Tower ride. Fast Passes are available only for short windows of times, and are usually on the other side of the park than the rides they are for. But they're worth planning your day around, because we got to go ahead of lines that were 2 hou waits. So thanks to Aya's skillful planning, we got fast passes for almost all the rides we went on.
So we got to the Tower of Terror, and here is a photo of it from far away.

It was really scary, we went up super high and there was a window where we could see all of the park, and then we would drop sooo far. Here's a picture of us falling and screaming. I am so easy to pick out in this photo... haha.

For Lunch we had Gyozas, which are like potstickers. Maki and Shiho are so cute with their mickey ears.. I wanted to get a pair but they were so expensive.

This is us in front of one of the crazy rides. They were so fun! My favorite was "Journey to the Center of the Earth," where at one point a fireball goes off almost too close for comfort, and you go to the top of the volcano and for a second you can see the whole park before this super steep drop.

We also went on Indiana Jones, which we didn't get a fast pass for, so we waited in line for several hours, but it was so worth it!
It was awesome, it was just like the one in California. Shiho and Maki called it "Indie."Here is a photo of us, this is the part where a huge boulder starts to roll towards you and then the floor opens up and you drop down. Once again, it's easy to pick me out. haha.

We even got photos with Mickey and Daphney. Daphney was like being cute and flirting with Mickey and all the girls were gasping and saying "Cawaiii!"(which means cute)

When it got dark the park became magical, with all the lights. But it started raining for a while, which sucked because some of the rides closed down. But we still went on one outdoor rollercoaster while it was raining, it was fun and we got really wet. This is Aya and I on the Under the Sea ride, which was kind of for little kids but we just went because it was indoors. haha.

The park at night. This photo doesn't really do it justice, it was so amazing.

There was this Insane Lights/Fireworks/water show on the lake with music, and I think it was about a fire creature and a water creature that fell in love. The water creature is kind of shaped like a woman, and the fire creature is like a dragon. You can see the volcano in the background, which started exploding with fireworks at one point.

Here is Aya and I in front of the Lake.

This is the place that was mermaid/Sea themed, It was really pretty at night.

We tried to get a picture in front of the giant Disney Sea Globe, but they didn't really turn out. haha.

So then the park closed down, and we took the same night bus back to Gifu. haha I was so tired, I didn't have any trouble sleeping on the way back. Disney Sea was so insanely fun, I don't think I can really explain it all on this blog! haha I think everyone just needs to see for themsleves.


  1. Wow, Wow, and more Wow! Thanks Nana for telling me about Sara's new post!

    This looks like so much fun. Thanks Aya for sharing your photos!

    Joe and David are in the back yard moving wheel barrows of gravel - Big Mac wants to go help but I am too concerned about him disappearing under a pile of debri.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome trip with all of us Sara!

  2. Yeah it was amazing.
    So do you think there will be any work let for me when I get back?

  3. Your back already but I haven't seen you yet and I feel compelled to post to let you know I have read and enjoyed this travel blog so much. Thanks
    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.