Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Night Out

I have been taking less and less photos the longer I stay here, but here are some photos of the things I've been doing. Some things were a while ago, because I've been lazy with blogging.
I have been going to sixth grade classes in my school to learn Shu-ji, which is Japanese calligraphy. To me shu-ji is art, and I'm glad I have an opportunity to learn it. Anyway, the sixth grade class was going to visit the junior High school, and I went with them. It was really embarrassing, because I forgot to bring my school slippers, so when we got there I had to walk around barefoot for a while. haha. But then they lent me some slippers. We went to an assembly where the middle schoolers sang in a choir, and they were really good. I wasn't sure if it was okay to take a picture so I snapped this one quickly. I think the uniforms are kind of cute, but I wouldn't want to wear one. Even when its freezing outside the girls have to wear skirts! Cold. And the guys get pants.

The assembly was really long, and a guy talked for 2 hours strait. I was nodding off because I couldn't really understand any of it. But then we went to an english class, and that was fun because I got to talk to the teacher.
So the next day was Saturday, and it was Valentines Day(I know, I'm behind). I got chocolate for Aya and her mom and dad, forgetting that on Valentines day they only give chocolate to the boys. haha. But it was okay, and they were happy to get chocolate. I got Mitzuyoshi (aya's dad) cute animal chocolates.

Later that night we went to Dinner with Atsuko(aya's mom)'s friends, who were really fun interesting people, and they wanted to meet me to practice their English. There were three guys; Torah, Bourbon, and Naoto. They're all in the Airforce, Torah(means Tiger in Japanese) is a fighter pilot, Bourbon (you can guess why he has that nickname)is a cargo pilot, and Naoto is a Flight engineer, and they all look way younger than they actually are. So we talked and ate and ate and ate and the food just kept coming. It was amazing food, I ate exotic raw fish, raw chicken, raw beef. The raw chicken and beef actually weren't bad. I learned that in Japan if you order "Spaghetti" it just means noodles, not actually spaghetti. Bourbon was really funny, he kept asking me to say "Audrey Hepburn," because he wanted to know how it sounded. Anyway it was really fun and they knew a lot of english, and then we went to karaoke and sang and ate some more. haha. Torah and I sang "more than words" together, and Bourbon kept trying to translate the japanese lyrics into english for me, which turned out to be hilarious. In this picture there is Torah next to me, then Ayako and Atsuko. I can't remember the woman's name, she came later during dinner and spoke very little english, but she was really nice. She requested that I sing a Norah Jones song for her, so I sang "Don't know why" for her.

Here is Naoto and I.

Me looking gross, Atsuko and Ayako.


  1. Sara,

    For some reason I miss you more than usual this morning...... It's nice to see so many photos of you smiling. Your night out with the pilots sounds and looks like a lot of fun.

    I hate that feeling of nodding off when I don't want to.

    Spring is coming to the gorge! My neck is better each day! Yesterday Lois fired up the hot tub and I got to take one. It was so nice!

    Davids mouth is very sore this morning. He is not so happy with his braces. He won his match last night - afterwards the opponent was checking his arm for blood - he felt something wet on him. I think David slobbered on him because he was wearing a mouthguard. haha

    I have another job interview today....

    Big mac's hair is growing back so he is starting to look cute again. No word yet if he's a daddy.

    That's all for now - thanks again for the blog, it's so cool to see what you're up to.

    Love you tons,


  2. Yay I am happy your neck is feeling better.
    You have an interview? where is it?
    When did you cut Big Mac's hair? I can't remember.
    I miss you guys so much too. Thanks you for commenting, I really love to read your comments.
    love you

  3. The interview was at Columbia Gorge Organic Fruit Company. It's a small family owned biz in Odell. Nice place.

    We had Big Mac trimmed a couple of weeks ago. It was way too short - he looked naked!

    I am contacting Tammy today and will let you know what she says.

    David started wearing headgear yesterday. He is even less happy about the whole thing now....

    The bathroom is done - everything is working and clean!

    Love you and miss you. 27 days left


  4. hey!
    They made LOOOOng speeches in Ukraine too-- I wonder if it just seems long because we don't understand or if American attention spans are shorter or what the deal is???
    Love you tons.
    miss you more after seeing you digitally!

  5. Yeah it's probably just because we can't understand.
    I miss you so much tooooooooooooooo
    we need to hang out when I get back.
    love you tons

  6. what the heck?! David got braces and headgear?! thank god for this blog. keeps us all connected.
    Sara i love that you went out with a bunch of pilots....who wanted you to say Audrey Hepburn, that's just so....classic! i love it. and we must MUST sing karaoke here when you come back. It is super hip right now, actually kind of intimidating, and I only sing third eye blind songs under the influence (: but i'm sure if we went together we could work up some more gumption....!!

  7. hahaha I know David has changed so much... it's kind of scary.
    Do they have karaoke bars in the us? I mean not the ones where you sing in front of a bunch of people you don't know, but with the seperate rooms??? I would be so stoked to do that if they did.

  8. Mom I didn't see your comment; The bathroom is CLEAN????? wow, you are amazing. haha.
    oooh if you worked there maybe we could get free/reduced price organic fruit!!!!!! yum.
    Tell David I know that it feels like the contraption is trying to pull your teeth out. :(

  9. Yes, it is clean! Well except for the litter box between changes.

    Davids mouth is feeling better - especially since he qualified to go to the state tournament this next Saturday!

    Renee & Ruby - it's in Woodburn if you guys want to come watch.