Saturday, January 24, 2009


My camera is amazing! it makes me feel like a pro, mostly just because I get to focus the lens manually. :)
And the photos are so good! Right now I'm just experimenting with light, and I've found that I don't really like using flash unless I have to, because I don't like how it turns out. But if you don't use flash, you have to be careful to have a very steady hand (or a tripod)or the picture will turn out blurry. So I'm fiddling with the ISO settings and trying to figure out how to get a good picture.
Here are some of the one's I've taken so far. Currently, my favorite model is my cat Tigger, because he doesn't move around too much and he's quite handsome.

I am going to look like such a tourist with this huge camera around my neck. My transformation into a Gaijin is almost complete!


  1. Nice photos!
    I too like it without the flash.
    Try to go extreme close-up on food---it looks cool. Like a magazine.
    Tigger is gorgeous--so is Shay, though.
    I can't wait to see photos of Seoul, and Narito (sp?)
    and everything.....

  2. You are a pro! However I am wondering if there's any way to edit out the "Fry jowls".....

    I clicked on the photo of big mac and it's pretty funny to see his tongue sticking out.

    Tigger was sure moving around as he attempted to commandeer my pillow this morning - I think he misses you too and has to venture into the yorkie-poo territory to get his cuddles.

    Love, Mom

  3. aww poor Tigger. haha. He needs a lot of loving.
    no! I love the Fry jowels!