Sunday, January 18, 2009

The other day I was at Artifacts picking up a copy of Hamlet, and I saw a pin that said, "I'm in this awkward phase between life and death." and I almost bought it, because I'm pretty sure it defines me.

Subject change.
Here is my Itinerary for Jan. the 27th:

1. Get up at some ungodly hour and Leave the Portland Airport at 7:26 am
2. Arrive in San Fransisco International as 9:15 am
3. Change planes. Time between flights: 2hr 45min
4. Leave San Fransisco at 12:00 pm
5. Arrive in Seoul, Korea Incheon International at 5:45 pm
Apparently the Incheon International Airport is a gigantic famous architectual masterpiece, and I'm excited to go there, even only for an hour. But the sheer size of it does worry me, as I'll have to find my terminal in like a half hour.

6.Change planes. Time between flights: 1hr 5min
7. Leave Seoul at 6:50 pm
8. Arrive in Tokyo Narita Airport at 9:00 pm

So all together I will fly 6,948 miles in 1 day!


  1. I don't look kinda cool to me.....:)

    but then "I'm in this awkward phase between life and death."
    so what do I know?

    I Love case you forgot for a moment...

    Aunt Nonie is lame and doesn't have time to sit at the computer and write, but she tells me to tell you "hi and I love you"
    also she wants me to tell you that I am lame too because I am writing this while on the phone with her.....phew!

  2. haha.. thanks.
    I love you too. I'm not sure when I'm going to be at the airport, I have to ask my mom, and I'll let you know. It would be soooo great if you could see me off. :] But if you're too busy it's okay.
    I love nonnie too! say hi to her for me.

  3. Well, you sure conquered the big scary looking airport! Thanks for calling us - sorry I was not more chatty at 1 something in the morning!

    Love, Mom