Monday, January 26, 2009

Mall Cop

'Tis the eve of my departure. I am exhausted. I packed/cleaned all day.
I'm pretty sure I have everything I need, but I still have this paranoid feeling that I'm forgetting something...
Rose and I also went to a movie, which was supposed to be Gran Torino, but it turns out that wasn't playing, so instead we went to see "Mall Cop."
Whoever wrote this movie... really needs to rethink their life and perhaps start a new career. haha. really... don't see it.
Have you ever noticed how in a lot of movies, the protagonist is a lovable, down on his luck overweight man with low self esteem who somehow wins the heart of a drop dead gorgeous woman? That's how this one was. I like love stories, I just wish there were more stories where the hero is a woman with a low self esteem and weight issues who wins the heart of a studly man. I'm okay with the media filling my head with unrealistic expectations of love, as long as they aren't sexist about it. haha.
That is all I can muster... My brain is tired. I keep spelling words wrong over and over, which I think is a sign that I should go to bed...
Can't wait to wake up a 4 a.m. tomorrow!


  1. Ha ha!!
    Love your idea for a new movie---the thing Hollywood would do is make the woman THINK she had weight issues but really she is drop dead gorgeous (i.e. thin). The thing is, there actually are drop dead gorgeous women of every size and shape for real. Just not in the movies. Can't wait to hear about your flight AND Arrival!!!!!
    Love you

  2. Have you figured out if you forgot anything yet? Good job at remembering your heavy coat so early in the morn.

    Clifford is laying near me and just "Shot Stench"

    Wish you were here.

    Love, Mom