Friday, January 23, 2009


I have been sick as a dog for about a week now, and I really hope it goes away before I leave.
I think it's just the cold and the stress of finals got my immune system down, and it's just a pretty nasty cold.
But just to be safe, my doctor is sending me armed with antibiotics, in case it turns into something worse.

It seems kind of paranoid except for the fact that the last time I traveled internationally (the summer of freshman year), I caught pneumonia and by the time I came back fro Japan I was delirious, emaciated, and my right lung was half filled with fluid. It was pretty traumatic, but luckily I don't remember most of it. haha. We went to the ER the night I got back and I couldn't take a deep breath without coughing, and they had to stick me about 20 times with a needle to try and get some blood because I was so dehydrated that my veins were shrunken. The reason it got so bad was because I went with a large group of about 30 people, and I didn't know anybody very well, so nobody really noticed. I think that's why it was so traumatic for me, because I was in a lot of pain and delirious, but the group leader was convinced that I was just homesick, so I felt kind of helpless. I'm still a little bit angry with the group leader, I have to admit, because she wouldn't believe me even when I was puking and crying on the phone with my mom that I didn't feel good. We had to ride a night-bus at the end of the trip, and every time I coughed I remember feeling as if a rib was breaking. One of the crazy parents offered me Vicodin! She just had some Vicodin in her purse. haha... One thing I do remember though, was that my japanese host families were really hospitable, and even this random old guy at a parade gave me some tea after I puked.
It feels good to talk about it because it was really traumatic for me and I think I suppressed a lot of my feelings about the whole thing.

Anyway. I got my camera today!!!!!! but I haven't figured out how to put photos on the computer yet, It took all day just for me to figure out how to take a decent picture. haha. It's all very complex, but I'm starting to get it.

I love Ayako, I asked if she wanted anything from the U.S. and this is what she asked for:
1. Maybelline Mascara
2. Skittles, sour patch, starburst
3. 5 gum
4. a box of Hershey's Brownie mix
5. Cherry Carmex
6. David (my brother)

I contemplated putting my little brother in my suitcase, but decided otherwise, as I didn't want all my clothes to smell like adolescent boy...

Anyway here is the adress to an awesome japanese game show called Human Tetris. Enjoy.


  1. I love Aya too-- and how funny that she wants David--I have an idea! Bring her one of his old dirty gym socks---that'll cure her!!!:)
    That stuff about your last trip is very intense. I am so sorry about how sick you were then and just this last week--it sucks.

    I am so wishing we had come to Hood River this past weekend to see you one last time before you leave. I am so excited for you and sooooo missing you already.

  2. Love that you are talking about your last trip to Japan - you were pretty funny in your delirious stage - if I weren't so worried, I may have laughed at you..... Great idea about the gym socks Renee' - but I am concerned about her ability to get through security with such items in her possession. Which item on the list did Aya enjoy the most?

    Love, Mom

  3. haha. I dont't know... She seemed pretty excited about the mascara... But we already put a huge dent in that bag of sour patch kids. haha