Monday, February 16, 2009


Last weekend(I know, I'm behind on blogging), Ayako and I got up early, because we were going to a futsal tournament at the airforce base near our apartment. We had our usual delicious breakfast of fresh fruit with yoghurt and honey, and then Aya's dad made me a big traditional japanese breakfast, which was a bit intimidating at first, as there was a whole fish on my plate. There was also a triangle shaped rice ball with seaweed, some veggies, and a pickled plum.

But the fish was really good, almost sweet, although it was tricky to eat because of the bones. The veggies and the rice were also delicious, and I've decided that I love seaweed. But the plum was kind of shocking when I ate it, because I was expecting sweet and it was really salty. haha, sorry this picture looks kind of gross, with the half eaten fish carcass.
So then we hopped on our bikes and rode for a while, and then we got to the gate of the air-force base. We were surprised that they didn't check my passport or anything. I've never been in a military base, and it was weird because it was like a mini version of a town, with some shops, apartments, a hospital, and a huge gymnasium, only instead of cars most of the people rode bikes around.

These are our bikes parked at the soccer field. Ayako knew one of the guys in the tournament through her mom, so thats how we got in. There were a few other people there to watch, a lot of wives and children.

Here is a picture of Ayako with her cute ear-muffs. It was freezing cold that day, but luckily Aya's friend brought us blankets and we brought handwarmers. It was cold but it was beautiful and sunny, so I was able to take some shots of the game. Sorry there's like a million photos of people playing soccer, haha I was excited to use the sports setting on my camera.
Some are a bit off focus, because the game was so fast pase, and it was really intense.

I like the keeper's facial expression in this one.

The way this guy is bending looks quite unnatural. haha I freaked out when I saw it.

This one also looks really weird. like the guy is floating.

Unfortunately Aya's friend's team lost one of the games, but they got pretty far and I think they had a lot of fun. So after that Aya and I rode our bikes to the mall, where we shopped, ate lunch, and met up with Yoshimi.Then we rode to a karaoke place. We bought snacks beforehand and snuck them in, because I think food is expensive there.

Karaoke was really fun, and then Aya and I rode to a place near her house to get some dinner.

Here is a delicious fried appetizer we had, I think it had some cheese and chicken.

For dessert we had this very strange but delicious thing. They had ice cream wrapped in rice cake, but the rice cake was baked crispy brown.


  1. Hi, Sara..I was really missing you when you took a long time to blog. I'm so glad you are having so much fun. SOME of the food looks good, the other......It really helps to understand Ayako when we see all the pictures. I love you and will be glad when you get home. Nana

  2. Hi Nana! I miss you too. Sorry I haven't been blogging, I've been so busy! I'll probably still be blogging about the trip when I'm back in America anyway. haha. We should have a tea party when I get back. :) We can make those delicious cinnamon cookies. Love you

  3. YAY!!!
    Another Blog post-- was really missing you.
    Cindy and David will be here for the weekend and XuMei was very disappointed to hear you weren't going to be. But she got excited when she heard that you were in Japan.
    We love and miss you-- Love the soccer action shots-- those are hard to get and you got great shots.

  4. Oh are they there for a wrestling tournament or just visiting?
    poo I wish I could be there. haha Xumei is so cute, tell her I miss her very much. I was given a gift of a bunch of material pokemon patches tht you iron onto clothes and stuff, so I think I'm going to bring that back for them. :) Love you!

  5. Hi Sara,

    I am so happy to see another post! David does not have a tournament this weekend. He will for the next two or three weeks then wrestling is over for the year. He just got spacers on for his braces which he will get next week.

    Did you feel like getting out on the field yourself? The photos are great!

    I am going skiing tomorrow! They have at least 50 inches of new snow and it is supposed to be sunny! Then David and I will go into portland for his practice, then down to Corvallis for a visit. Your dad will be on an Elders retreat.

    I am depositing your paycheck today!

    Maybe we could skype this weekend while we are at the Cabatics? Let me know, I will take the laptop just in case.

    Love, Mom

    Love, Mom

  6. David has spacers. :( Tell him I'm sorry. and braces already?!?!? He's going to look so different when I get back!
    wow it snowed more???? jeez thats weird. I hope you have fun skiing!!! I went snowboarding with Aya, her mom, and Kana yesterday and it waas really fun but I am tired. It was such a beautiful view from the mountain though. it made me miss the times we went up together. And we went to Tokyo Disney Sea!!!! It was amazing, I have so much to tell you.
    Yeah I definetally want to skype.
    I don't think we have anything planned, so yeah.
    love you

  7. The skiing was fun - except for the fall, I could have done without that!

    Yes, you will notice that David has changed a lot during your trip.

    I would love to hear about your Disney Sea trip.

    Maybe we could make some spring trips up to the mountain.



  8. Yeah poor DAvid... I can't believe he wrestled with new braces. gahh braces suck. tell him I feel his pain. technically felt. I wish I had more pictures of the Disney Sea trip but I'm glad I didn't bring my camera, because it ended up raining and on some of the rides you had to take your bag with you, even if it was like a crazy violent ride.
    Now that I've been to Disney Sea I want to go to Disney Land again!! It was so amazing.
    love Sara