Monday, February 2, 2009

Lunch in Nagoya

So much has happened, and I left my camera in my room, and it's seems so far away...haha I'm lazy. So I'm just posting some photos out of order and filling in the blanks later. It's really fun being in a foreign country, but it is exhausting. I am starting to pick up a few words though, like doko(where) and nande(why) during people's conversations. I have so many funny stories to tell, even in the last few days, so stay tuned!
Those photos are of Aya, her friend Kana, and I in Nagoya, which is like 40 minutes away from Gifu. I love Kana, she did a host stay in Ireland for 6 years, so she has this awesome irish/japanese accent when she speaks english. She's so funny. We had lunch, walked around, and then went to a karaoke bar for 3 hours, which was so awesome. These photo booths are very popular in Japan, you get to take photos and then edit them.

You can tell I tried to edit this one, because "Cuties" is all shaky and messed up. haha.


  1. You all are like a super models!
    The three of you are sooooo cute!
    Of course we want to hear all the stories but I can so relate to how exhausting it is to write everything down while your still experiencing it!
    LOVE LOVE LOve you!!!

  2. Wow - you gals are gor gee ows!

    Love, Mom