Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lunch in Nagoya II

So this is the real Lunch in Nagoya, because the first post wasn't in chronological order. Sorry!
Okay. So the day after we went to Meet Yoshimi, Shiho, and Maki, and I humiliated myself at the night school, we took the train to Nagoya to meet Aya's other friend, Kana. Then we got lunch in this smoky restaurant with realllly good food.

This is Kana being awesome. She did a homestay in Ireland for 6 years, so she has this really funny irish/japanese accent when she speaks english. She was talking about how in Ireland, everybody swears a lot, and she got used to it so when she moved back to Japan people were always offended. haha.

After stuffing ourselves with food, we walked around Nagoya's busiest part of the city, and of course I took pictures of everything.

Then Aya and Kana took me to this huge skyscraper, and we rode the elevator as high as we could go, and I took a bunch of pictures of the amazing view. We could even see Mt. Fuji, and the city seemed to go on forever. There was even a garden and a shrine on the top of one building.

Then we walked around this huge mall, and it was crazy cuz it was the weekend. This thing is a humidifier that doubles as entertainment. We also went to a photo booth, and you can see those pictures in my previous blog; Lunch in Nagoya.

Then we walked around and we saw some people dressed as power rangers picking up trash, so naturally, we asked for a picture. I have no idea why they were doing it though, haha.

Then we decided to go to a karaoke bar, so we headed in that direction. Here is a giant crab climbing the side of a building.

Karaoke was so much fun. We got a room number and went upstairs to this narrow hallway with doors that had numbers on them. and you go in to a small room with a booth and a huge tv and karaoke setup. They even had a ton of english songs, so I had a lot of fun. At first it was really weird hearing your own voice coming out of the speakers, but then I got really into it and before I knew it Kana and I were belting out "A whole new world" from Alladin in a fantastic duo. When you go sign out they give you a cough drop, which I was grateful for because my throat was quite sore. haha.


  1. Power rangers, Karaoke, skyscrapers, all in one day!!!!! How long does it take for you to get to Nagoya?

    How did you humiliate yourself at the night school?

    Have fun and thanks again for keeping us all posted!

    Love, Mom

  2. read squid ink again, you will find out.

  3. I love the power ranger garbage pick up dudes.
    You know how we occasionally have prison inmates do highway trash pick up---I wonder if it was like that---some sort of humiliating punishment.....interesting!

  4. haha I know thats what I thought at first.. and I was creeped out to ask them for a picture. haha. but Ayako seemed to think it was volunteer.. haha