Monday, February 2, 2009

Morning in Gifu

I went to get my camera, thanks to Aya's encouragement.
Now I can fill you in on my time here so far!
So the morning after we arrived at Aya's home, I explored their apartment, taking pictures from my balcony and everything in the apartment.

In Japan, almost nobody owns a dryer, and they all hang up their clothes to dry on their balconies or just outside.
Then Ayako packed a little lunch for us and we took the train to the Gifu Library, which was huge.

This is the bus that takes preschool kids from Aya's apartment to school! Its a cat-bus. :)

Here are some more views of our apartment building, we are on the 7th floor. I'm still not used to how awesome it is to have a bird's eye view of Gifu.

I was so excited to find out they have Haagen Dazs in Japan, but look at how cute and tiny they are! I had to buy one even though it was freezing outside. I ate it while Aya and I waited for the train to the Library.
So we got to the Library, and we hung out there for the rest of the day until Dinner, Ayako was studying like a fiend, and I was trying to learn Hiragana(one of the japanese alphabets). And I went and looked at teen magazines, which I found fascinating. There was this contraption that is supposed to give your eyes a crease, if you have asian eyes and want a crease, because many japanese woman find it beautiful. It seems crazy to me, but I guess it's kind of like me curling or dying my hair.
Any thoughts?


  1. sara sara sara. i made my account just to comment on your blog.

    well i have to say one thing.

    we JAPANESE have dryer.


    we just like to hang them up outside.

    do you know where our dryer is?

    its in the washing machine.

    i guess i should say its all together.

    i love you n im so glad that you r here w/ me. : )

  2. Sara! Thanks for getting the camera! Aya- you are so witty!

    I just love the cat bus! It's way more realistic than our CAT bus in Hood River. (Columbia Area Transit) I wonder if there is a dog bus somewhere?

    Love, Mom

    And yes--I mean to be screaming those last 2 lines!!!!!
    I want to be there with you and eat cute little pink lunches and hang my clothes to dry and ride (or just look at) the cool cat bus! "Meowth-that's right!"
    The kids are watching Pokemon non-stop--do you remember how you used to do the team rocket poem thing? LOL
    reasons why I haven't commented:
    1.) Jeja is sick--almost die sick
    2.) Chris had heart problem and I took him to ER--he's OK
    3.) I am reading (just finished) Uglies, Pretties, and Specials---have you read it? Good SCI FI Teen fiction.
    I love you both

  4. I missed your comments on the teen magazines and the beauty stuff the first time I read this post. Interesting how a culture ends up defining beauty isn't it. Have you ever seen the Twilight Zone where the woman is in a hospital room with her face totally bandaged..... there is such suspense as she removes the bandage while looking in the mirror... she and all the people in the room gasp in horror when they see her gorgeous face (by current standards) then the camera pans around to show everyone else is butt ugly....


    Love, Mom

  5. oh, yeah I saved it before I posted that part because I got tired of blogging. haha. sorry. sometimes I will add on to already posted blogs.